2022第一期101TOLK特邀BorderlandsCMO Edwina Alison,Borderlands地块生态解读和规划


2022第一期101TOLK特邀BorderlandsCMO Edwina Alison,Borderlands地块生态解读和规划

  主持人:TODI 101 TOLK策划组

  嘉宾:Edwina Alison Borderlands COO

  101TOLK特邀BorderlandsCMO Edwina Alison,Borderlands地块生态解读和规划


  2022 Phase I 101TOLK invited Borderlands CMO Edwina Alison, Borderlands plot ecological interpretation and planning

  Moderator: TODI 101 TOLK Planning Group

  Guest: Edwina Alison Borderlands COO

  101TOLK invited Borderlands CMO Edwina Alison, Ecological Interpretation and Planning of Borderlands Plots

  During the live broadcast, everyone keeps quiet, what questions can be raised in the free question session in the live broadcast, and the guests will randomly select answers ~ Now the live broadcast officially begins


  大家好,欢迎各位来到Borderlands官方电报群,我是今天的主持人TODI 。再次感谢各位行业KOL的到来,以及联合主办101tolk、Borderlands、Defi大本营。直播内容将在Borderlands官方电报群以及百大用户群同步直播。

  本次直播嘉宾是 Borderlands COO,Edwina Alison ,本次直播的主题是101TOLK特邀BorderlandsCMO Edwina Alison,Borderlands地块生态解读和规划

  今天的直播以主持人提问,嘉宾的回答方式进行。有请Edwina Alison和大家打个招呼吧!

  Hello everyone, welcome to the Official Telegram Group of Borderlands, I am today's moderator TODI.

  Thank you again to all the industry KOLs for coming and co-hosting 101tolk, Borderlands, and Defi Base Camp.

  The live stream will be broadcast live in the Borderlands official Telegram group and the top 100 user groups.

  The guest of honor is Borderlands COO, Edwina Alison, and the theme of this live broadcast is 101TOLK invited Borderlands CMO Edwina Alison, Borderlands plot ecological interpretation and planning

  Today's live broadcast is conducted in the form of questions from the host and answers from the guests. Please say hello to Edwina Alison!

  Edwina Alison


  Good evening, I'm the COO of Borderlands and it's an honor to come and host this official community AMA in partnership with 101tolk



  Maybe many friends in the group still don't know a lot about the project, can you easily interpret some about Borderlands project?

  Edwina Alison

  Borderlands是Borderlands元宇宙世界中的数字房地产。游戏设计师可以使用 BDL 构建和发布数字体验,例如游戏或立体模型,并向其添加各种ASSET。每个Borderlands都是ADA区块链上唯一的非同质令牌。无主之地,从不加减。多个无主之地可以组合成一个庄园。由多人拥有的特殊类型的庄园称为区。

  Borderlands is digital real estate in the Borderlands metacosm.

  Game designers can use BDL to build and publish digital experiences, such as games or stereoscopic models, and add various ASSETs to them. Each Borderlands is the only, non-homogeneous token on the ADA blockchain .

  Borderlands, never add or subtract. Multiple Borderlands can be combined to form a ESTATE . A special type of ESTATE owned by multiple people is called a DISTRICT .



  Blockchain real estate has also been very hot in the past year, what competitive advantage do your projects have compared with popular projects such as SANDBOX?

  Edwina Alison

  Borderlands的最大特点是在玩游戏时赚钱。在DEFI 2.0阶段,去中心化金融更倾向于将所有可能提供流动性的社区成员联系起来。游戏是创造流量和增加活动的唯一选择,平台将是DEFI


  The biggest feature of Borderlands is to earn while playing. In the DEFI 2.0 phase, decentralized finance is more inclined to link all community members who may provide liquidity.

  The game is the only choice to create traffic and increase activity, and the platform will be DEFI



  The token of our project is BDL, so what are the ways to play with BDL held by users, and what is the appreciation space of BDL in the future?

  Edwina Alison


  $BDL can be used for several exciting things.






  Medium of exchange

  $BDL is the medium of exchange in The Borderlands's ecosystem. It will be necessary for making purchases from The Borderlands's marketplace. It will be required to purchase:



  Avatar customisations






  $BDL holders will be able to participate in the governance of The Borderlands's platform.

  Selling your ASSETs

  Voxel artists will need $BDL in order to upload their voxel creations to The BDL's marketplace to sell in order to monetise them.







  $BDL is also used for staking onto LAND. In return, stakers will earn rewards

  $BDL can also be staked into a liquidity mining pool for rewards too.

  Playing (some) games

  Some games on The Borderlands's platform will be free to play (F2P). But not all of them. The game designer may choose at their own discretion to charge players a small amount of $BDL in order to play their games.








  Players can potentially earn some $BDL by playing games. Simple as that.

  Hiring designers and artists

  You will be able to use $BDL to hire game designers and artists to collaborate on projects with you or commission them to design ASSETs for your project.


  Some game designers may choose to give $BDL away as a reward in contests hosted on their BDL.



  Will BDL also open up NFT trading in the future? What time periods will it be open? Through what channels can users purchase our relevant NFT products?

  Edwina Alison


  We will open the NFT trading system on the official website, through our official website, you can easily link the wallet to trade our NFT products, we support ADA public chain transactions, in the future we will support more trading methods, look forward to our 2.0 version of the transaction pair upgrade



  What are our current partners and what upgrades will we make in the future?

  Edwina Alison


  We will upgrade the BDL 2.0 version, in the future we also have more surprises to bring to you, our partners and teams throughout the world's 20 countries and regions, our common purpose is very clear, is to become the world's largest land transaction system, and the future in-depth layout of the relevant ecology


  感谢Edwina Alison本次的解读,我们也坚信,未来BDL一定能成为全球最大的地块生态系统,为元宇宙的发展做出巨大贡献。最后我们再次感谢项目方为我们解读此项目,本次AMA到此结束,大家可以关注官方通道,对本项目进行关注,感谢各位倾听。

  Thanks to Edwina Alison's interpretation, we firmly believe that in the future, BDL will become the world's largest land ecosystem and make great contributions to the development of the metacosm. Finally, we thank the project side again for interpreting this project for us, this AMA is over, you can pay attention to the official channel, pay attention to this project, thank you for listening.



  Official website:https://borderlandnft.io

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