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2021年9月15日16:00,BKEX联合 vEmpire DDAO 项目团队一起在 BKEX 社群创办了主题为《对话vEmpire DDAO:创新的元宇宙+DeFi》的AMA。以下为文字实录。



本场AMA的主题是《对话vEmpire DDAO:创新的元宇宙+DeFi》。


Hello, everyone, welcome to today’s AMA, I am Sarah, BKEX Marketing Partner and today’s host.

The theme of this AMA is “Dialogue with vEmpire DDAO: Innovative Metaverse & DeFi”.

We will be broadcasting this AMA in several communities.



BKEX is a global digital asset financial service platform, focusing on the mining and absorption of high-quality assets, an innovative international station of digital assets for global users, providing trading and investment services among various digital assets.

The AMA held by BKEX aims to introduce users to the best quality projects, the most cutting-edge news and the hottest markets. It directly talks to the projects themselves and gives the most accurate first-hand news to the users so that they can get the market dividends in time.

今天,我们邀请到了 vEmpire DDAO 的CEO——Dominic Ryder,为大家揭秘 vEmpire DDAO 创新的元宇宙+DeFi 玩法。

Today, we invited Dominic Ryder, CEO of vEmpire DDAO, to reveal the playing ways of vEmpire DDAO, innovative Metaverse and DeFi.


1.请您为我们介绍一下 vEmpire DDAO 这个项目。

  1. Please introduce vEmpire DDAO project to us.

So I’m Dominic Ryder, CEO and founder of vEmpire, I started my career as a stockbroker, moving into wealth management and then venture capital. In regards to vEmpire the reasoning behind the protocol was as a reaction to all the greed and corruption over the I witnessed in my time in finance. I wanted vEmpire to stand up for the average investor and to fight against out of control capitalism

vEmpire is fighting centralisation.

Starting with the Metaverse companies we will be facilitating DeFi esque staking strategies of Metaverse tokens. We’ll use these to invade and conquer these protocols by incentivising staking with rewards in both VEMP & also in the native token staked so AXS, MANA, SAND & STARL etc

我是Dominic Ryder,CEO and 创始人of vEmpire。我的职业生涯是从股票经纪人开始的,后来进入了财富管理和风险投资领域。vEmpire协议源自我对我在金融业期间目睹的所有贪婪和腐败的反应。我想让vEmpire为普通投资者站出来,与失控的资本主义作斗争。


从元宇宙公司开始,我们将促进元宇宙代币的独特的DeFi质押策略。我们将使用这些来入侵和征服这些协议,通过在VEMP和原生代币(例如AXS、MANA、SAND 和STARL 等)这些奖励来激励质押。

  1. 在 VEMP 的介绍里有这样一句话:“Empire 的目标是强调所谓去中心化项目的中心化”,能否给大家详细解读一下这句话?

  2. In the introduction of VEMP, there is a sentence: “The Empire’s goal is to highlight centralisation in supposedly decentralised projects”. Can you explain this sentence in detail?

Yes so as mentioned vEmpire DDAO is here to combat the user exploitation and commoditisation we are seeing from greedy out of control capitalism. Capitalism is the corporations making money, we want our players gamers and users to be the ones making money as they are the ones who keep the Metaverse going

The reason why Decentraland & the Metaverse stuck out as the first conquest was due to a few factors. Number 1, the appointment of Decentralands “security council” they were brought in to apparently make sure that there were no problems with bots, but they now control every single proposal put into the DAO, they decide what gets voted on by the community, not the community itself.

Another reason was their partnership with Decentral Games who run Vegas City, to vote or even get rewards in this DAO, you need to own 0.5% of their circulating supply, this is over $700,000……

Not what I would call a fair system! We do however want to make sure we are aligning ourselves with Metaverses we do like, for example AXS and Axie infinity. This is why we have invasions (MANA & SAND) as well as allies like Axie infinity. It does help that me and Jeff (Jiho) are in regular contact and he is a big fan of us!



是的,正如前面提到的,vEmpire DDAO在这里是为了打击我们从贪婪失控的资本主义中看到的用户剥削和商品化。资本主义是赚钱的公司,我们希望我们的玩家、游戏玩家和用户是赚钱的人,因为他们是保持元宇宙运行的人。

去中心化和元宇宙之所以能成为第一次征服,是由于几个因素。第一,任命 Decentralands为“安全委员会”,他们被引入显然是为了确保机器人没有问题,但他们现在控制着每一个提交到DAO中的提案,他们决定社区投票的内容,而不是社区本身。


这不是我所说的公平制度!然而,我们确实希望确保我们与我们喜欢的元宇宙看齐,例如AXS和Axie infinity。这就是为什么我们有入侵(MANA 和 SAND)以及像Axie infinity这样的盟友。我和Jeff(Jiho)经常保持联系,他是我们的超级粉丝,这确实很有帮助!



3.vEmpire DDAO 协议集 DeFi 服务、矿池质押、NFT、DAO 等应用场景于一体,这些场景是如何做到互通的?

  1. vEmpire DDAO protocol integrates application scenarios such as DeFi service, pool staking, NFT and DAO. How do these scenarios achieve interoperability?

Haha yes so this has been a project I have been working on for months! Before NFT and the Metaverse became a trend! We were the trend setters! So the problem with a new concept is trying to explain it as people aren’t familiar. So we have meshed lots of the above elements together into this brand new concept.

I wrote the whitepaper starting earlier this year and a lot of people don’t believe me when I say this but if you read the whitepaper you will see it is true;

We are by far the most unique and truly original concept, in my opinion, to come out of the crypto market this year. There is not a single protocol or token in existence currently that is doing what we plan to do

Every launch this year just seems to be;

  1. a fork but we do a certain part slightly better

  2. animal token

  3. A food named swap

  4. Daddy, mummy or baby token

It’s been very very boring! Which is why I wanted to build something truly new, I am super bullish on this idea, as you can tell

I have put the one pager below but you can also read the whitepaper here https://v-empire.digital/whitepaper





1) 一个分叉,但我们把某一部分做得稍微好一点

2) 动物代币

3) 一种叫做swap的食物

4) 爸爸妈妈或者婴儿代币



4.vEmpire DDAO 的经济模型是怎样的?

  1. What is the economic model of vEmpire DDAO?

So xVEMP & xsVEMP will not be tokens in the same right as VEMP and so will not be publicly tradable, they will only exist in your wallet without value & on the platform. xVEMP is a “proof of stake” token, this works in that owning it, allows you to qualify be gifted fees from the vEmpire platform. On unstaking of your xVEMP you will be given back your VEMP stake as well as a portion of any rewards that were given to the DDAO, in the time that you had your VEMP staked for xVEMP.

xsVEMP is a further level which allows users to enter our great arena where they can battle other users in the NFT play to earn game for the chance to win more VEMP

xsVEMP holders are truly the most daring and bravest warriors of vEmpire. Anybody can win and fight in the arena, but it is our NFT holders who will have the best chance, this is because our NFTs boost your score, so more NFTs equals more chance of winning. For more information on the token and staking tokens please see section 1 & section 5 of our whitepaper https://v-empire.digital/whitepaper.

vEmpire’s supply is capped at 810,720,000 which is gradually released over 21 years. There is no additional minting of VEMP. 96% of all remaining supply is locked for your peace of mind.

You can find our emissions schedule and inflation table in the whitepaper.

因此,xVEMP和xsVEMP将不是与VEMP具有相同权利的代币,因此不会公开交易,它们将只存在于您的钱包中或者在平台上,而不存在价值。xVEMP是一种“POS”代币,它的作用在于拥有它之后,您就有资格获得来自vEmpire平台的赠予费。在取消质押您的xVEMP后,您将获得您的VEMP以及在您质押您的 VEMP 为 xVEMP时给予 DDAO 的任何奖励的一部分。





5.作为 vEmpire DDAO 的元宇宙系统代币,vEmpire 发行了寻宝卡牌 NFT 游戏。我们在哪里能够玩到这个游戏?能否给大家介绍一下更多的玩法?

  1. As the Metaverse system token of vEmpire DDAO, vEmpire issued a treasure hunt card NFT game. Where can we play this game? Can you introduce more ways to play?

Always a popular question! So vEmpire Emperors parchments quiz is, at first, a quest that can only be solved by the Empire working together to solve the clues. vEmpire encourages community and so if people keep clues to themselves then nobody will be able to enter the final battle to win 1% of vEmpire’s supply.

Inside every NFT from vEmpire there is unlockable content, this must be placed on a google sheet. eventually the quest will turn into a battle of individuals, but for now nobody can progress unless the Empire community works together to solve the final cataphract clue by getting the last three clues from the last influencers left! These three influencers must be tweeted to release their letters! @TheMoonCarl @intocryptoverse @DENTOSHI

The winner of this quest, which will take years to complete, will win over 8 million tokens. If we get to even half the size of MANA, that is over $5,000,000 dollars!!! See here for more https://medium.com/@v-empire.digital/vempire-announces-nft-treasure-hunt-the-emperors-parchments-7f5f3920138e

总是一个受欢迎的问题!因此,vEmpire Empire羊皮纸测验最初是一项只有Empire 共同努力才能解决的任务。vEmpire鼓励社区,因此,如果人们保持自己的线索,那么没有人能够进入最后的战斗,从而赢得vEmpire供应量的1%。

在vEmpire的每个NFT中都有可解锁的内容,这些内容必须放在Google表单上。最终,这个任务将变成一场个人之战,但现在没有人能够取得进展,除非Empire 社区通过从最后的影响者那里获得最后三条线索,共同解决最终的cataphract 线索!这三位有影响力的人必须在推特上发布他们的信件:@TheMoonCarl @intocryptoverse @DENTOSHI。


6.VEMP 在8月31日进行了公募,请问当时取得了怎样的成绩?对后来的项目上线有着怎样的帮助。

  1. VEMP made public sale on August 31. What achievements were made at that time? Is it helpful to the subsequent project listing?

Yes absolutely. Our greatest achievement so far is definitely our IEO announcement on BKex following within days. It is extremely rare for two top exchanges to accept a new token launch and this goes to show their confidence in vEmpire.

Alongside that we were accepted as an incubated launch on Unicrypt. Only three out of the previous 500 launches ever were accepted and vEmpire DDAO is the fourth.

You can find the full development schedule here on the one pager and on the website

当然。到目前为止,我们最大的成就无疑是在几天之内,我们在MEXC Global上发布了IEO公告以及在后几天上线了BKEX。两家顶级交易所极为罕见地接受新的代币发行,这表明了它们对vEmpire的信心。

除此之外,我们还被接受为Unicrypt的孵化发行。在之前的500次发行中,只有三次被接受,vEmpire DDAO是第四次



  1. How is the project going on? What are the future plans?

It’s going great! Our roadmap which we are on track for is to have the platform launched with five staking pools, ETH, AXS, MANA, SAND & STARL and the DDAO live on 23rd September. After this we want a demo of the game by October. With it live by November alongside Polygon & BSC capabilities. We will add more and more tokens and chains as we develop.


8.VEMP 在9月5日上线 BKEX Global,为什么会选择和 BKEX 合作?

  1. VEMP got listed on BKEX Global on Sept 5. Why did VEMP choose to cooperate with BKEX?

So we have always had fans and a strong community in Asia which is why it is our first port of call when it comes to exchanges, we want our game to be as popular as Axie whilst also allowing users to profit from staking their tokens as well as earning them from battling each other.

We want our communities to be as active and profitable as axs is and we thought BKex and other Asian exchanges were a perfect bridge to reach our communities



9.近期在 BKEX 会有空投 VEMP 活动,请为我们详细介绍下这个活动。

  1. There will be an airdrop VEMP activity on BKEX recently. Please introduce this activity in detail.

Of course! So here is the rules : users should follow both BKex Twitter alongside vEmpire’s then users will have to complete at least 50u Vemp/usdt trading during the period, take the screenshot & send to BKexs server team, once that is all done! Then they will get 5$ vemp through an airdrop into your BKex account!

当然规则如下:用户应关注vEmpire和BKEX Twitter,然后在此期间用户必须完成至少50U的 VEMP/USDT交易,截图并发送给BKEX团队,一旦完成!然后他们将通过空投价值5美元的VEMP到你的BKEX账户!

  1. 此次和BKEX联手举办空投活动是希望可以达成怎样的目标呢?

  2. What is the goal of this airdrop activity jointly held with BKEX?

The goal is to reward all of our great BKex community & to introduce VEMP to those using the platform who haven’t managed to find us yet! Our project, in scope, is massive. There is no reason why with our roadmap and plans we can’t be the next biggest Metaverse project and we want our earliest exchanges and community to benefit from being early!



感谢 嘉宾的精彩分享,收获满满!感谢大家按时收听!感谢媒体们对本次AMA的大力支持。



Thank you for your sharing! Thank you for listening! Thank the media for their strong support for this AMA.

Well, today’s AMA is finished.

See you next time!

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